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Back to School
Special Offer for  

Kids 3 to 12
Teens 13 to 18

 This back-to-school season, allow your kid to thrive and excel at Rock Creek's renowned Taekwondo program. Our exclusive offer of just $65 ($165Value) for a month of classes is designed to ignite your child's potential and help them kickstart the new academic year with confidence and strength.

Why Choose Taekwondo for Kids?

  1. Discipline and Focus: Taekwondo instills discipline and focus in children, helping them improve their concentration, attention span, and self-control in and out of the classroom.

  2. Physical Fitness: Our Taekwondo classes offer a fun and engaging way for kids to stay active, build strength, enhance flexibility, and develop coordination.

  3. Confidence Boost: As your child learns and masters new techniques, their self-esteem will soar. Taekwondo empowers kids to believe in themselves and their abilities.

  4. Respect and Courtesy: Taekwondo emphasizes respect for oneself and others. Your child will learn the importance of showing kindness and courtesy to peers and instructors.

  5. Anti-Bullying Skills: Taekwondo equips kids with valuable self-defense techniques and strategies, helping them build the confidence to handle bullying situations effectively.

  6. Goal Setting: Through our structured belt ranking system, your child will learn the value of setting goals and working hard to achieve them.

  7. Stress Relief: Taekwondo provides a healthy outlet for releasing stress and pent-up energy, promoting emotional well-being.

Claim your offer now! Limited spots are available!

The Back to School offer is valid from September 1st.

Uniform Included!!

Hope to see you soon!

back to school offer
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