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Sparring and Forms Training

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Highlights of the Program:

  1. Intensive Sparring Training: Learn advanced sparring techniques, strategies, and tactics from experienced instructors. Improve your footwork, timing, and accuracy, and develop the agility and speed needed for successful sparring competitions.

  2. Forms (Poomsae) Mastery: Enhance your precision, power, and grace in executing traditional forms. Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying techniques and philosophy behind each form. Receive personalized feedback and guidance from our expert instructors to refine your performance.

  3. Tournament Preparation: Learn the intricacies of competing in sparring and forms tournaments. Get valuable insights into scoring systems, rules, and regulations. Gain the confidence and mental fortitude required to excel in high-pressure tournament environments.

  4. Engage in friendly and challenging mock sparring matches and form competitions within the training group. Receive constructive feedback and valuable tips to further enhance your performance.


We encourage all students, 10 years old and up - orange belt and up, to join us for this exciting training opportunity. Take this chance to push your limits, hone your skills, and become a formidable competitor in Taekwondo tournaments.

Spaces are limited, so we kindly request you to RSVP at your earliest convenience to secure your spot.

Please contact us for registration or any further inquiries.

We look forward to welcoming you to this special training program and witnessing your growth as a Taekwondo athlete.

Together, let's embrace the challenge and strive for excellence!


Master Marius 

Dear Former or Active Students

of Rock Creek Taekwondo

and other Taekwondo Schools.

We are thrilled to invite you to participate in a special training program designed exclusively for those who are interested in enhancing their skills in sparring and forms, in preparation for an upcoming tournament.

Whether you are a seasoned competitor or new to the world of Taekwondo tournaments, this program promises to elevate your abilities and provide you with invaluable experience.


We welcome all students, former Rock Creek TKD School, or other taekwondo schools to join this program.

Call for more information at 503 645 2515

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