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Join our dynamic and inclusive Teens and Adults Martial Arts class, designed for ages 13 and up, at Rock Creek Taekwondo. This class caters to all experience levels, offering a comprehensive training experience that includes:

  • Warm-Up and Conditioning: Prepare your body with cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises.

  • Techniques and Fundamentals: Learn and practice essential Taekwondo techniques, including kicks, strikes, blocks, and forms.

  • Self-Defense: Gain practical self-defense skills for real-world situations.

  • Sparring Practice: Apply your skills in safe, controlled sparring sessions.

  • Mental Focus: Develop discipline, focus, and respect.


Our experienced instructors, Master Marius, Ranger, and Lynn, provide personalized guidance in a supportive community. Improve your fitness, confidence, and self-esteem while relieving stress and building camaraderie.

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Teens and Adults
13 +


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