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Try One Week FREE Of Taekwondo Classes

During this incredible week, you'll have the opportunity to:

🥊 Learn the fundamentals: Our expert instructors will guide you through the foundations of Taekwondo, from basic stances and kicks to essential self-defense techniques.

💪 Build strength and flexibility: Taekwondo is not only about mastering kicks but also about developing overall physical fitness. Experience improved strength, flexibility, and agility as you progress through the classes.

🧠 Cultivate discipline and focus: Taekwondo is a martial art that promotes mental fortitude and concentration.  Discover the benefits of discipline, focus, and self-control that extend beyond the training mat into your daily life.

🌟 Join a vibrant community: Embrace the warm and inclusive atmosphere at Rock Creek Taekwondo School. Interact with fellow students, make new friends, and be a part of our supportive Taekwondo family.

To participate in this special offer, simply follow these steps:

- Book a class for your One Week Free of Taekwondo Classes
- Show up to the school 10 minutes prior to the class, to fill out a form.
- We provide the uniform.
 Cost:$20 🥋

- Start your Taekwondo Journey 
 Unleash Your Potential! 🥋

To book your free week classes, choose a date and time from the schedule below:

Class Schedule

two kids who does taekwondo
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