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Shirvani and Viren's Make-Up Test at Rock Creek Taekwondo

Shirvani and Viren showing off their new red belts at rock Creek Taekwondo
Shirvani and Viren Red Belts!! 8/11/2023

At Rock Creek Taekwondo, milestones are not just about advancing in belt ranks but celebrating the spirit, dedication, and discipline that our students embody. Today, we're thrilled to spotlight the incredible journey of Shirvani and Viren as they transition from the blue to the red belt.

Achieving the red belt is no small feat. The red belt marks the beginning of one of the most challenging journeys, culminating in the Black belt. However, achieving the Black belt is merely the beginning of a new chapter. For Shirvani and Viren, this advancement is particularly commendable. Despite taking a break, their unwavering passion and discipline remained evident. They proactively trained at home, utilizing our website's curriculum to ensure consistent progress. In just two weeks, they were prepared, confidently showcasing their skills with precision and lots of smiles.

Here's the Link to that same page that Shirvani and Viren used:

This promotion pushes them to our Red Brown Poom belt class, the penultimate step before the esteemed Black Belt class. Being in the second-highest class is a testament to their hard work, commitment, and the values they've imbibed from Taekwondo.

To Shirvani and Viren, we say - Congratulations! Your journey is an inspiration to all of us at Rock Creek Taekwondo. Keep the spirit alive, and continue to inspire us with your dedication.


Rock Creek Taekwondo Team, Ranger Garrison

Rock Creek Taekwondo Community,

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sanchita nilange
sanchita nilange

Thank you for encouragement and giving individual attention during the class,it helps to boost their confidence.


Thank you for your feedback! Your words of encouragement and suggestions for improvement mean a lot to our team. Taekwondo is not only a confidence booster but also a tool for mental development. We aim to achieve this through the Belt System and tournaments, whether it's the Rock Creek Summer Championships or other USWC Association tournaments. As you rightly pointed out, we also prioritize recognizing each child's achievements in every class, spotlighting them. Once again, thank you!

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