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Empowering Teens and Adults with Taekwondo Classes at Rock Creek Taekwondo

Ranger Lee Garrison

A Taekwondo class in which Teenagers and adults learn to imporve and refine their sidekicks, with family and friends.

At Rock Creek Taekwondo, we believe that martial arts have the power to profoundly change the lives of both teenagers and adults engaging in the experience.

Our Taekwondo courses aim to offer students a journey ripe with challenges and rewards in both physical conditioning and personal development.

Today's class was no exception, as we witnessed firsthand the incredible benefits of participating in our Taekwondo program, focusing on refining sidekicks for speed, power, and enhanced dynamic flexibility to achieve higher kicks.

Fostering a Sense of Family within Our Academy

Although our classes are grouped by age for optimized learning, we are proud of the parents of students who lead by example in trying something new and difficult for their benefit. In today's class, we had the pleasure of seeing both parent and child in the same class and another parent whose child had come earlier in the day.

Both are great inspirations, as Taekwondo can be extremely difficult as it has jumps and spins.

Their discipline and the bond between parent and child push them to improve while having fun.

Taekwondo provides families with a means of cultivating and fortifying their bonds as parents and children alike feel a shared enthusiasm for engaging in martial arts, bringing them together through a passion they hold in common.

This shared experience reinforces love and support within the family unit, leading to a deeper connection beyond martial arts practice.

Get Started Today!

For anyone longing to commence their journey of self-betterment through learning Taekwondo, we at Rock Creek Taekwondo wholeheartedly welcome their participation.

Our studio lies at 3290 Northwest 185th Avenue in Portland, Oregon, zip code 97229.

For further details, our website,, is an excellent resource.

If you prefer a conversation, please call us at 503-645-2515 during our working hours: Monday through Friday, 3:45 PM to 8:10 PM.

Classes for teenagers and adults have been slated for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 7:30 PM and 8:15 PM.

Embark on a journey towards improved health and self-assuredness. Enroll at Rock Creek Taekwondo and integrate into a community committed to pursuing excellence within and beyond the mats.

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