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Our Taekwondo Forms Training is Now FREE on Fridays!

Ranger Lee Garrison

Master Marius showing off his forms for his 6th DAN graduation test for USWC Taekwondo.

Starting this Friday, we are thrilled to announce a significant change to our Taekwondo class schedule. Our Forms Training class, which used to be paid, will now be offered for FREE! This change reflects our commitment to helping students master their forms and progress quickly in their Taekwondo journey.

The Importance of Forms in Taekwondo

Forms, or "Poomsae" in Korean, are crucial to Taekwondo training. They are a series of standardized movements that help students practice defensive and offensive techniques and improve physical conditioning. Forms are not just about learning the steps and patterns; they're about mastering the techniques, improving your physical conditioning, and preparing for tournaments. Students can develop discipline, focus, and purposeful movement by practicing forms. They also promote flexibility, balance and provide an intellectual challenge.

Why Are We Offering Free Taekwondo Forms Training?

We understand the importance of forms training in Taekwondo. By offering free forms training, we aim to give our students an extra opportunity to learn and master their forms completely. This class will provide strategies and techniques to memorize and master Taekwondo forms.

Who Should Attend Our Free Taekwondo Forms Training?

This class is highly recommended for red, brown, Poom, and Black belts. We suggest anyone who is struggling with forms to join. At this stage of your Taekwondo journey, you must know all the steps of multiple forms. This class will help you further master these forms for tournament Poomsae. If you strive for higher belt ranks, such as Black, or consider tournament participation in Poomsae, this class is a golden opportunity.

The Benefits of Regular Practice

Consistent practice is key to mastering Taekwondo forms. Regularly attending our free forms training class can improve your techniques, enhance your flexibility and stamina, and prepare you for advancing belt levels. You can practice the forms at home to reinforce what you've learned, even when not in class.

Join us every Friday from 6:40 to 7:30 PM for a comprehensive and high-quality Taekwondo forms training class, free of charge!

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